With ClearVue Technologies, GEUnited sees a world where consumers are part of the energy solution. ClearVue Technologies is a disruptive technology where the consumers of energy are both the demand side and the supply side of their energy needs. We join the mission of ClearVue to enable consumers of energy the ability to generate their own electricity to power their own homes, businesses, greenhouses and cars from one of the world’s most common building materials, glass.

Through their patented nano-technology, an activated interlayer sits within two panes of glass and redirects infra-red and ultraviolet light to the side of a window to harvest the solar energy with traditional PV elements. ClearVue Technologies is at the forefront of an energy and architectural design revolution that we believe will address in part society’s future energy demands for a clean, sustainable and renewable energy solution.

ClearVue Technologies clear glass products provide:
  • Clean, renewable power from a window
  • Superior insulation qualities that reduces heating and cooling costs
  • High transparency to let greater than 75% of natural light through the glass
  • Provides genuine payback on your investment
  • Long product life of 30 plus years, and Acts as safety glass
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