Hydroponics & Aquaponic


GEUnited excels in introducing the modern technologies to the community; one of them is Hydroponics; which is a method of growing plants by using nutrient solution which can from fish waste, duck manure, mostly from normal nutrients; in a water solvent instead of soil. The plants’ roots can either be supported by a medium inert for example perlite or gravel or they can be exposed to the mineral solutions. This technique has many variations, but the most two main variation are sub-irrigation and top irrigation. However, for most techniques, the hydroponics reservoirs due to the excluding light to prevent algae growth in the nutrient solutions. For instance of these materials: concrete, glass, metal vegetable solids, and wood. Furthermore, there are many technologies included in this technique as following: Static solution culture, Continuous-flowsolution culture – NFT technique, Aeroponics, Fogponics, Passive sub-irrigation, Run to waste, deep water culture, top-fed deep water culture, rotary, domestic hydroponic farming.


This technology refers to a system that contains both conventional aquaculture and hydroponics in a symbiotic environment. This technique has the ability to recycle the water by fed it to ta hydroponic system to be utilized by breaking it down to nitrites and nitrates by nitrifying bacteria in the plants. On the other hand, normal aquaculture faces increasing of water toxicity due to excretions from the animal being raised in the water without purifying it.

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