Since its inception, GEUnited has made its goal to be the standard bearer for the alternative energy industry and to bring clean, green electricity both to the urban environment and the periphery. We operate across the MENA region, African and South Asian countries. GEUnited intends to become the leading company in the mentioned area for the implementation of alternative energy systems. We will accomplish this by virtue of our team/partners of the most experienced and highly skilled team/partners that we have, top standard quality brands that we work with and high standards for our quality products which were set by the GEUnited management. Our professional workforce focuses on the design and construction of each individual project – right down to the smallest details.
DESIGN– With GEUnited, there is no room for error. Each system is meticulously designed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, who have designed more solar systems in North America, Middle East and South Asia, etc. than any others in partnership with Global Solar Energy Design Houses for cost effective solutions.
SUPPLY – At GEUnited, we use only the leading materials available in the world. As policy, we don’t compromise on quality. All materials used are checked and evaluated to the highest possible standards and over extended periods of time as these are sourced from market leading manufacture suppliers.
EXECUTION – the process of installing and integrating solar systems demands experience, skill and professionalism. Our work force deals on a daily basis with the construction and implementation of solar system and are one of the most experienced available
SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE – GEUnited works closely with each client to ensure that the system operates consistently and reliably. We realize that a system that is expected to operate for many years needs fast and professional support and this is backed up by extensive long term warranties underpinning and guaranteeing this.

Solar Panels

GEUnited is the authorized exclusive distributor for UKSOL for MENA region. We chose UKSOL Ltd as it is a specialist British solar PV panel producer based in Coventry, England. We are particularly focused on exporting its high-quality monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels to emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  Our panels come with a 12-year British product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty. Our panels include the latest PV technology and innovation in module production which also ensures panels are competitively priced.

UKSOL quality "A" grade solar PV modules with a 30 year British warranty

We are the exclusive distributors for UKSol in the GCC region. GEU has selected UKSol for the solar panels; as GEU only works with companies who provide outstanding products; so we car forward the same to you and at the end our client/you receive the best service and quality products.

UKSOL high quality solar PV modules feature:
  • 12 year product warranty
  • 10 year 90% performance, 80% after 30 years
  • TUV checked
  • PV Recycle Scheme
  • High wind and snow load tested
  • 30 year performance warranty
  • Japanese made back sheet
  • High quality junction boxes
  • 3.2 mm thick, low-iron solar glass
  • Snow load 5400pa
  • Wind load 60 m/s
  • Hail test – 227g steel balls from 1m height
  • Delivery direct from the factory worldwide
  • Minimum order quantity only 100 panels
Why choose GEUnited panels?
Five reasons to buy GEUnited solar PV panels

There are many solar panels on the market. Why choose GEUnited?

1. We only use high quality materials and grade “A” cells

We only uses high quality materials and grade “A” cells in our manufacturing process. We do not use “B” or “C” grade cells which are often used with low priced panels. Our panels are also independently tested by leading inspection, verification, testing and certification organisations such as TUV, SGS and Intertek.

2. We have the longest warranties on the market

GEUnited solar PV panels come with a 12 year product warranty and a 30 year performance warranty. Within the first 10 years, we expect the output of our panel to be at least 90% of what it produced on the first day it was installed. At 30 years we expect the panel to be producing at least 80% of what it did on day one. Warranties need to be supported by the manufacturer for a long time. Buying the cheapest panel on the market may not be the best way to ensure the long term returns from your investment, as the manufacturer may no longer be around or may be unwilling to help you.

3. British warranty

GEUnited offers British warranty; as UKSOL Ltd is a British company run from the UK by people with many years’ experience in the solar PV industry with headquarters based in Coventry. Any issues with our panels are quickly and easily resolved by our British customer services team. We believe in looking after our customers for the long term. Buying from GEUnited gives peace of mind that there is someone to talk to if you need support in the future.

3. Competitive Prices  

As well as priding ourselves on our high quality and our rock solid British warranty, we also want to ensure that our panels are affordable to all. You should find our prices a pleasant surprise because we want to make solar PV electricity the cheapest form of power on the market.

Other Quality Solar products offered by GEUnited
Controller and Inverters
  • PV Charge Controller
  • Wind & Solar Hybrid Charge Controller
  • Off-Grid Type Solar Inverter
  • Grid Tie Solar Inverter / On-Grid Type PV Inverter
  • Solar Micro Inverter

  • Solar Air-Conditioners

    We offer Solar DC Air-conditioners; which work on 100% off-grid DC power with high cooling efficiency and low power and noise. It has a self-developed own DC rotary compressor along with DC motor fans. It can be customized from 48 volts to 240 volts DC input. It has an ecofriendly technology but its operations are based on 100% solar DC supply. 100% Solar Powered air conditioner using large amount of PV modules is more expensive than normal one, the optimized way is attainable by connecting your normal A/C to solar power station (if you have), if you don’t have, the 100% A/c is customized.

    Solar Water Heaters
  • Glass Vacuum Tubes Type Solar Water Heater
  • Flat Plate Type Solar Water Heater

  • Solar lamps can be easier for customers to install and maintain as they do not require any electricity cable. Solar lamps can benefit owners with reduced electricity bill. We offer range of products which are:

    A) Solar Street lights.
    B) Solar garden lights
    C) Solar flood lights
    D) Solar traffic lights
    E) Solar ground lights

    It has combined the solar module, LED lamp and lithium battery set into one device. Main features are:

  • Simple, convenient and practical design.
  • PIR motion sensor (light will dim to 30% when no boy passes by).
  • Safe and water proof (IP-65).
  • Aluminum alloy as main material, anti-rust, anti-corrosion.
  • Large capacity lithium battery, service life of about 5-8 years.
  • Batteries
  • LED-Acid Batteries
  • GEL Batteries
  • Lithium Batteries

  • Further Growth of GEU in the Solar Sector:

    GEUnited has signed “Memorandum of Understanding” with leading USA, Canadian and Turkish solar power consortiums to the provision of large scale photovoltaic (pv) power generation farms. Terms of Reference (TOR) to the commercial implication of these large power generation projects have being explored providing for Public Private Partnership (PPP) or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This will enable joint ventures to proceed. Turn Key engineering/commercial solutions will provide for project speed and efficient completion criteria.

    GEUnited continues to test the market in the development and innovation of cost effective technological advancement for the benefit of its customers and future clients across the MENA, Asian and African region.

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